Thirty Tigers 2018 Tour Dates – Part 1

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Rickie Lee Jones Touring EU 2018

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Silverprojects Are Proud To Present The Nominees At The UK Americana Awards 2018


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Matthew Logan Vasquez Start The Second Leg Of His European Tour With His Band

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Best known as the charismatic frontman of Southern Californian meets Austin rock band Delta Spirit, Matthew Logan Vasquez has already made waves as a solo act with the Americana tinged LP, ‘Does What He Wants’, a collection of eleven urgent yet poetic tracks tackling the challenges Vasquez has faced in the past few years.

With four critically acclaimed Delta Spirit albums, numerous major US TV performances, Later With Jools Holland and much more under his belt, Matthew Logan Vasquez is more than ready to set out on his own.  As fans of Delta Spirit can attest to, he is as accomplished live and the headline UK tour is not to be missed.

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02. Slaughtered Lamb – London, UK
Ticket Link:
03. Duffy’s – Leicester, UK
Ticket Link:
04. The Hug and Pint – Glasgow, UK
Ticket Link:
06. High & Lonesome – Leeds, UK
Ticket Link:
07. The Prince Albert – Brighton, UK
Ticket Link:
08. St Mary’s A Creative Space – Chester, UK
Ticket Link:
10. Kohi – Karlsruhe, GER
14. Molotov – Hamburg, GER
15. Vega – Copenhagen, DEN
16. Kafe De Luxe – Vaxjo, SWE
20. Moskus  – Trondheim, NOR
21. Mono  – Oslo, NOR12
22. Folk Ã… Rock – Malmo, SWE
23. Southside Bar – Stockholm, SWE
24. Skebopuben – Skebobruk, SWE
28. Rozenknopje – Eindhoven, NLD

For more information about Matthew Logan Vasquez please contact Sara Silver +44 (0)20 8265 0772


Bread And Butter Music Artists November TOURS


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The Thirty Tigers Winter Tours 2017/2018

Thirty Tigers Tours 
Josh Ritter, Bonnie Bishop, Bombadil, David Ramirez,
Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer, Colter Wall,  Tyler Childers, The Mavericks,
The Deep Dark Woods, and Whitney Rose.

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Dan Reeder, Ned Ledoux, Son Volt, Bonnie Bishop And Bombadil November Releases

Thirty Tigers – November releases 
Dan Reeder, Ned Ledoux, Son Volt, Bonnie Bishop andBombadilScreenshot 2018-12-07 at 16.22.48

Nobody wants to be you. marks Reeder’s fourth release on Oh Boy Records, a relationship formed after Reeder sent a burned CD to John Prine in the early 2000’s. Prine listened, signed Reeder to his label, toured with him four times, and released all three of Reeder’s previous records: Dan Reeder (2004), Sweetheart (2005), and This New Century (2009). The albums garnered glowing reviews; publications like No Depression deemed him “brilliant,” and NPR’s Fresh Air compared Reeder to Prine himself. The New Yorker’s Ben Greenman coined him as “one of the foremost outsider artists in modern folk” and he was featured on the Emmy award-winning show Weeds (“Work Song”).
Nobody wants to be you. is the precursor to his full-length (set for a 2018 release), the  five-song EP isn’t lacking in tenacity. Distributed by Thirty Tigers and produced by Reeder himself, the album holds true to his distinct style: slightly quirky, painstakingly honest, and undeniably witty. But compared to its predecessors, his latest work delivers a brighter, more energized tone, full of what Reeder calls “easy piano”.

EP Tracklisting:
1. Nobody wants to be you
2. Kung fu is my fighting style
3. Bach
4. Born a worm
5. The pond in the park

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LeDoux is doing his part with his first full-length album, Sagebrush. All 12 tracks release paint pictures of a rancher’s life, play songs from taking the show on the road, and tell stories of growing up out west in the Western Underground family.
Growing up as the son of rodeo and country music legend, LeDoux is always going to tip his weathered hat to his dad Chris. It’s just that now, withSagebrush, he is doing country music his way.
He’s crafted a collection of songs that came from his own pen, with a little inspiration from an old boot box that was stashed away in his dad’s office for a decade. It was full of his father’s notes, thoughts, and lines. And the music sounds like father and son were on the exact same page, even after Chris died in 2005. Four of the songs on Sagebrush are father-son co-writes–“Never Change,” “Cowboy Life,” “We Ain’t Got It All,” and “Forever a Cowboy”–and they prove that there is no right or wrong way to collaborate. Even posthumously.

01. Never Change
02. Cowboy Life
03. We Ain’t Got It All
04. Some People Do
05. Brother Highway
06. Better Part of Living
07. Forever a Cowboy
08. By My Side
09. Another Horse To Ride
10. Johnson County War
11. The Hawkd
12. This Cowboy’s Hat (Feat. Chase Rice)

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Grammy award-winning songwriter releases her new album in Europe.
After leaving the music industry following years of bar gigs and crappy pay — though not without highlights, like her co-write on Bonnie Raitt’s Grammy-winning “Not Cause I Wanted To” — the Houston-native is back with a new attitude channeling a new sound: soul music.
‘Ain’t Who I Was’ is 10 tracks of tender yet resilient soul that PopMatters says “reminds one of Dusty Springfield at her best.
“The cause of this reinvention came from Cobb, who after receiving demos from David Macias at Thirty Tigers wanted to work with Bishop on a new record. With guidance from Cobb, Bishop was able to overcome the anxieties that led to her exit from the industry to create this striking soundtrack to tales of heartbreak, resilience and reinvention.”You can hear Bonnie’s soul and heart in every note she sings,” says Cobb. “That’s what attracted me to Bonnie; the honesty and humility in her songwriting.”

01. Mercy
02. Be With You
03. Looking For You
04. Done Died
05. Poor Man’s Melody
06. Broken
07. Too Late
08. Ain’t Who I Was
09. Not Cause I Wanted To
10. You Will Be Loved

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Two years ago, Bombadil lost a longtime bandmate and breaking up seemed inevitable. But after a period of exploration that forced them to step out of their comfort zone, Bombadil has returned as a band reborn. Their new album ‘Fences’,  produced by John Vanderslice (Spoon, The Mountain Goats), is their most remarkable work to date: meticulously crafted, yet accessible and unadorned. Pure, simple, beautiful.

‘Fences’ features eleven new, original songs composed by the Durham – based trio – Phillips (drums, vox), Danie l Michalak (bass, vox) and Stacy Harden (guitar, vox). Recorded at Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone Recording in San Francisco, the album is influenced by early Paul Simon and steeped in shades of Cat Stevens and The Incredible String Band.

01. What’s So Great About You
02. Not Those Kinds of People
03. Binoculars
04. Math and Love
05. Perfect
06. Fence
07. Good News Sadie
08. I Could Make You So Happy
09. Long Life
10. Is This Danger
11. No Snow in the Valley

Bombadil will Tour Europe from 22nd November through 7th December – 2017
1st December – Borderline – London

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10″  Limited edition Vinyl featuring unreleased tracks from ‘ Notes Of Blue ‘ sessions + and an alternate take  “ from Son Volt’s ‘ American Central Dust ‘

“Jay Farrar’s voice is a unique instrument, one that winds its way around the syllables he writes for his alt-country band Son Volt in ways that are surprising and affecting.” – American Songwriter

1. Ballymena
2. Dressed In White
3. Yellow Walls
4. Sultana
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Stephen Kellogg POSTCARD Tour UK And Europe

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Rachael Yamagata Nov 2017 UK Tour : Islington Assembly :Special Guest Brandon Jenner

With Special Guest Brandon Jenner 
On Tour November 2017 


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Josh Ritter’s’ Gathering ‘ OUT Sept 22nd – ROUGH TRADE EAST Instore 30th SEPT 1 Pm


New album ‘ Gathering ‘ will be released on 22nd of September
European Tour December 2017 

I had that feeling you get when the sky is suddenly dark before a summer storm – the thunderheads looming at the edge of the fields – the birds quiet. The smell of the gathering electricity in the atmosphere, the certainty of lightning.

This record is the product of a strange and interesting time. When I started writing Gathering, I felt tired of living in the shadow of my earlier self, my earlier work – but more than discouraged, I felt charged with the possibility and the freedom of cutting myself loose from my own and others’ expectations. I began with an exciting sense of dissatisfaction, and what emerged, as I began to find my voice, was a record full of storms. Some, like “Feels Like Lightning” or “Friendamine” are physical storms. Others, like “Dreams,” are mental ones. Listening to these songs now, I hear uncertainty, mania, laughter and sadness, all vying for their place on the album. I was surprised by the new voice, but I kept writing.

I still can’t tell what era these stories are from. They feel part roustabout, part psalm to me. The narrators are often outsized; big talkers who carry deep inner uncertainties and struggle to keep a strong front against the world raging around them. “Showboat,” “Cry Softly” and “Oh Lord” all laugh through real darkness, whether alone or among others. In quieter moments, as on “Strangers,” “Thunderbolt’s Goodnight,” or “Train Go By,” the vulnerability of the characters shines through the cracks of their exterior bluster.

As I wrote this album, I found myself painting again in a serious way. The landscapes that emerged in the paintings followed the same preoccupations with gathering storms that are in evidence on the songs.

When it came time for recording, I had more songs than I have ever had at one time. Rather than picking through them in advance (as I did extensively for Sermon on the Rocks), I opted to record everything I had over the course of two weeks. The goal was to put a ton of stuff down and think about it later. Trina Shoemaker, my band and I headed for the studio.

After the whirlwind of recording had subsided, I was left with a pile of thirty songs. I spent the next couple of months sifting through them in order to decide what songs best hung together to form the record. We did backing vocals and horns in some other studios in Nashville and North Carolina. I asked Bob Weir to sing on “When Will I Be Changed.” We had written his record, Blue Mountain, together, and working with him was deeply influential to my writing during this time.

I have been writing records for almost twenty years now. Each one has been different from the last in subject and form, but with Gathering I feel I’ve found a new electric dissatisfaction, a new way to rejoice as the storm rolls in.
Josh Ritter
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