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Parker Millsap

 PARKER MILLSAP – has an amazing video for his single ‘Truck Stop Gospel’  taken from his upcoming album release on 20th October.


Parker’s first music video, for “Truck Stop Gospel,” premiered on NPR 

Watch the video of ” Truc Stop Gospel ” here:

Read Ann Powers’ interview with Parker here:

Read a review about Parker on Red Guitar Music here: 1/2014/8/23/parker-millsap


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This album is harrowing and not for the timid, but those who stick with it will be treated to a truthful, moving journey and a master class in songwriting to boot.”

* * * * 1/2 – American Songwriter


Nashville, TN – Jason Isbell was the big winner at the 2014 Americana Music Awards last week, picking up trophies for Artist of the Year, Song of the Year (“Cover Me Up”) and Album of the Year for his highly acclaimed 2013 release Southeastern.

Southeastern (Southeastern Records/Thirty Tigers) is an artistic triumph on the highest level. Isbell courageously opened himself up and created his most personal work to date. Through his songs, Isbell articulates his deepest fears, failures, regrets and personal growth with poetic beauty and grace. “Do the things that scare you. That’s the good stuff,” Isbell states during his Song of the Year acceptance speech. Southeastern has resonated with so many as it has gone on to sell over 125,000 copies. The album has received an overwhelming about of support from the press

Isbell has been on tour in support of Southeastern since its June 2013 release. Audiences have been growing steadily as venue sizes continue to increase. On October 24-26, Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit will play an unprecedented three sold out nights at Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium.

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Trampled By Turtles’s Tiny Desk Concert


“What immediately attracted me to Trampled by Turtles when I first saw the band was its speed, but the Minnesotans are about more than just blistering bluegrass. They also write beautiful, heartfelt folk-pop songs, as this Tiny Desk Concert demonstrates.” Bob Boilen

Watch the session here:


AND COMING SOON  UK & European Tour :

– 10/11/14 – Munich, GE, Kranhalle
– 11/11/14 – Berlin, GE, Bang Bang Club
– 12/11/14 – Hamburg, GE, Prinzenbar
– 13/11/14 – Koln, GE, Luxor
– 14/11/14 – The Hague, NL, Crossing Border Festival
– 15/11/14 – Paris, FR, La Maroquinerie
– 16/11/14 – Bristol, UK, Thekla
– 17/11/14 – Manchester, UK, Gorilla
– 18/11/14 – Glasgow, UK, The Art School
– 19/11/14 – Birmingham, UK, The Institute
– 20/11/14 – London, UK, Scala
– 22/11/14 – Amsterdam, NL, Paradiso Noord

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Nicole atkins

Nicole Atkins

October Tour of The UK and Europe
Nicole’s first headline tour of the UK and Europe starts next week to promote the new single “Who Killed The Moonlight?“.. great fully-animated video and a fantastic remix by Eddie Mars
In Holland, Nicole will appear on Musicccafe Radio 2, two days before the Paradiso gig.
New Live Music In December
First week of November look for an expanded edition of the “Slow Phaser” album digitally available worldwide.  Nicole’s full 8-song set while on tour this summer with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. And Nicole will be appearing on national network TV here in conjunction with the release.
Nicole Covers Springsteen On Tribute Album –  “Dancing In The Dark”
Today is Bruce Springsteen’ 65th birthday .. so expect to hear lots of Bruce all day.
Nicole’s fabulous cover of his “Dancing In The Dark” came out last week on the album “Dead Man’s Town: A Tribute To Born In The USA”  ..
Friday 3rd October 2014                              Nalen, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Saturday 4th October 2014                         Mejeriet, Lund, SWEDEN
Sunday 5th October 2014                           Ideal Bar @ VEGA, Copenhagen, DENMARK
Monday 6th October 2014                          Crystal Club, Berlin, GERMANY
Tuesday 7th October 2014                           OFF
Wednesday 8th October 2014                   Biko Club, Milan, ITALY
Thursday 9th October 2014                        La Parenthese, Nyon, SWITZERLAND
Friday 10th October 2014                           L’Alimentation Générale, Paris FRANCE
Saturday 11th October 2014                        OFF
Sunday 12th October 2014                             OFF
Monday 13th October 2014                       Paradiso (Upstairs), Amsterdam, HOLLAND
Tuesday 14th October 2014                        Botanique, Rotonde, Brussels BELGIUM         
Wednesday 15th October 2014                   OFF
Thursday 16th October 2014                      Gullivers, Manchester, UK
Friday 17th October 2014                            King Tuts, Glasgow, UK
Saturday 18th October 2014                      Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, UK
Sunday 19th October 2014                           OFF
Monday 20th October 2014                         OFF
Tuesday 21st October 2014                        The Cluny 2, Newcastle, UK
Wednesday 22nd October 2014                  OFF
Thursday 23rd October 2014                       Louisiana, Bristol, UK
Friday 24th October 2014                             The Lexington, London, UK       

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Caroline Rose’s World Cafe session


Caroline Rose’s World Cafe session will begin airing on NPR Wednesday, September 24th.

You can find the session here:

A review in ‘Digitafix’:

A review in ‘Folk radio uk’ :

A review in ‘Thank Folk for that’:

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Thirty Tigers

“I WILL NOT BE AFRAID” 1st September and LIVE 2nd & 3rd September – 24 year old extraordinary Caroline Rose debuts in London!

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Little Hi! Records and Thirty Tigers are proud to announce ‘ I Will Not Be Afraid ‘, the official debut album by Caroline Rose, a fiery 24 year-old songwriter raised on rockabilly, vintage country and blues-infused rock.



Caroline Rose

“I Will Not Be Afraid”


“Rose is a true American songwriter like Dylan, Van Zandt, or King – different stylistically, but all touch on something inherently continental…[she] spins stories with a sense of adventure, a certain badass swagger, and devil-may-care attitude.” 

Sometimes epic failures produce epic results. With the release of her new album I Will Not Be Afraid, keen-eyed young singer-songwriter Caroline Rose has broken her long string of short-circuits with a live-wire national debut that draws on her roots in rockabilly, vintage country and blues to capture her unique and personal vision.

Hoping to escape the dead ends that befell her hometown, colloquially dubbed a stop on “heroin highway”, Rose found her way out via a full ride to a small liberal arts college, where she failed as a scholar, barely scraping by to graduation. Next came a stint as a failed hippie, working on and leaving an organic farm. She then bought a vintage sports car to travel the country, but it quickly broke down. On the plus side, Rose got a job at a cider distillery, where she got to taste apple brandy and applejack all day…Followed by a stint stocking shelves and sweeping floors at a grocery store for a boss who eventually fired her.

“That was the last straw,” Rose recounts. “I don’t like most bosses and most bosses don’t like me. I don’t like most professors and most professors don’t like me. So here I am. I’ve made my own way on my own terms and it’s destiny knocking on my door. BAM!”

She describes the 11 songs on I Will Not Be Afraid as “postcards I’ve picked up from along the road,” and she means that literally. Rose is in perpetual motion. She tours and lives in her van, traveling the highways and back roads to fuel her creative spirit.

Rose’s wanderlust has taken the 24-year-old from her birthplace in a not-so-idyllic small Northeastern town to every corner of the nation, where she’s made friendships, heard stories and had experiences that she’s fashioned into songs like “America Religious,” which uses a driving snare drum with brushes and psychedelic folk fiddle to underpin the cool waterfall of her peaches and molasses voice as she sings about the open skies and the storm clouds inside the American heart. And in her own.

The themes of some of Rose’s songs are drawn from the familiar. “Blood On Your Bootheels,” which opens I Will Not Be Afraid with her prickly guitar and crazy-carnival organ, was inspired by the Trayvon Martin slaying and Rose’s own passionate reaction to violence and intolerance. “Everyone seems to have their opinions about how to live free in this country, especially when it comes to young men and even more especially when it comes to young black men like Trayvon,” Rose observes. Injustice and hardship also underline “Tightrope Walker,” a song inspired by a friend’s stories about working in the school system of an impoverished Mississippi town.

But other songs literally haunt her dreams. The gorgeous textural arrangement and lyrics of “When You Go” — which evoke the openness of both the Southwest and of the future in Rose’s and co-producer Jer Coons’ shimmering guitars and her strong, defiant vocal performance — tumbled out during a night’s rest. “Sometimes songs come to me while I’m asleep and they wake me up, and that’s the best time for me to write,” Rose relates. “When I wake up my mind is like a clear glass of water. I can see everything and capture it.” That’s especially apt for the stream of consciousness lyrics that bring many of her numbers to life.


Rose’s own life seems more akin to Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. Growing up in a coastal town, her parents — who were visual artists with a love for travel — gave Rose a restless, creative spirit. And like many working class seaside locales, her hometown suffers epidemic heroin abuse.

“I saw a lot of my friends get consumed by it, but I was one of the people that got out,” Rose says. “I worked my ass off to go to college and that really was my only plan of escape at that point. I think I was in denial about being an artist.”

For two of those years Rose worked on the aforementioned farm, hoping the experience would provide her with balance and direction. “I liked the work, but I’m too city to be country and too country to be city,” she offers. “So I moved on.” When Rose worked at a cider distillery, she slept in the barn loft where she recorded many of the demos for I Will Not Be Afraid with her acoustic guitar.

“I finally accepted the idea that writing, singing and playing songs is the only thing I’ve ever really been good at,” Rose relates, “so I decided to forget about everything else and live in my car, and I hit the road.”

Rose joined a new generation of touring songwriters who blend tradition, innovation and edginess, like Hayes Carll, whom she opened for in 2014 and bandmember Jer Coons, whom Rose shared a bill with one night and discovered to be a kindred spirit. Rose produced I Will Not Be Afraid with co-production by Coons at his Burlington, Vermont studio, where they also made Rose’s 2013 self-released America Religious, playing all the guitars, keyboards, harmonica, mandolin, drums and percussion themselves.

Rose explains that the title track is her mantra. “So many people are held back by fear,” she says. “They wish they could do something else with their lives, and they just can’t take the first step. I grew up questioning everything and learned that I needed to be on my own. I needed freedom and I needed to create on my own terms and to keep moving forward without fear, wherever I go.

“I also came to understand that I don’t have any choice,” she continues. “Music is what keeps me breathing. I can’t do anything else.”

IWNBA_HiRes copy


1. Blood on Your Bootheels
2. Tightrope Walker
3. When You Go
4. Let Me In
5. At Midnight
6. America Religious
7. Red Bikini Waltz
8. Time Spent, Money Grow!
9. Shepherd
10. Back East
11. I Will Not Be Afraid

You can watch the video of ‘ I Will Not Be Afraid 

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 15.24.31


Soundcloud for the ALBUM which will be available digitally from 1st September

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 17.54.35

The album has 3 songs w/curse words in them!
Blood On Your Bootheels – has the words “God damned”
Tightrope Walker – contains the word “Shit”
Red Bikini Waltz – contains the word “F**king”

– 02/09/14 – The Lexington, London, United Kingdom ( w/ Hayes Carll )
– 03/09/14 – Bush Hall, London, United Kingdom ( w/ Hayes Carll )


Caroline’s Website