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’86 Floors From Heaven’


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The story of Evelyn McHale and the iconic photograph by Robert C. Wiles made it’s way into the only piano-based song on the album.
In 1947 a 23-year-old Evelyn jumped from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, ending her life atop a crumpled Sedan in a New York street below.
I clearly remember the first time I laid eyes on the extraordinarily profound image, via a ‘70s Life annual.
This was a birthday present from my friend, Mick Burrows, with a message inside the front cover prompting me to “check out page 104 – one of the most incredible photos ever!!!”
Like millions of other people, the image both inspires and saddens me a great deal.
I lived with Evelyn’s peaceful expression and my thoughts for more than twelve months before I felt compelled to write a song about her story.
I’m sure the photograph will have the same effect on people in a hundred years from now.

 Scott Matthews – September 2014.

In regards to the relationship between the music and the film: I think it’s important  when making a video that you do not give easy answers.
A director must trust in the listener or  the viewer to understand from the video what happened and if he/she has interpretations of their own and which are not necessarily what you had in mind while making the video, it doesn’t matter.
What matters is that you have made something that made others think and made those people spend their most valuable asset, time, to reflect on it and to find the visual connection with the lyrics and between the song and the visual on their own.
Also hopefully they see new elements to solve the puzzle each and every time you watch the video over and over again.

For the creative idea, I didn’t just want to recreate the day of Evelyn.
In the six minutes, I wanted to recreate the times when that day happened.
I think that using vintage footage makes you reflect and become more immersed through seeing people that actually lived in those times.
Maybe even some of them knew Evelyn. Maybe they saw the jump.
You will never know and yet it is possible. It even makes for a great story itself.
Also there is always something extremely melancholic and nostalgic about seeing buildings the way they were back in the day; to see young people full of dreams and hopes, knowing that most of them are long gone now. That’s almost surreal when you think about it and this surreal feeling continues in shots with “our” Evelyn.
I wanted this video, this song to stay with our viewer long after they stop watching.

Lukasz Pytlik – Director
September 2014

Watch ’86 Floors From Heaven’ here

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Thirty Tigers

St. Paul and the Broken Bones


St. Paul & The Broken Bones have already garnered much attention due to their high-energy live performances, led by charismatic front man Paul Janeway. The group’s sweat-soaked, take-no prisoners style has converted many, including Paste Magazine, who named St. Paul & The Broken Bones one of their “2013 Best Of What’s Next” artists, and NPR Music, who included the album in their “Under The Radar Albums Preview”. Half The City oozes with key elements of Memphis soul, Muscle Shoals R&B and the Motown experience, which lay solid ground for Jane- way’s expressive vocals.

“Within ten seconds of hearing Paul Janeway’s voice – secondhand on a friend’s cellphone – I was in. The first five was spent in disbelief. I can count on one hand the times that’s happened. I admit it took a bit to hear past him. The beautiful thing was that the band was and is every bit as good. The same swagger, conviction, and – dare I say – soul. That’s saying something. What sealed the deal was the songwriting, the arrangements, the dynamics – all the things that comes with having been a unit for many more years than they have. And then I experienced them live.”
– John Paul White

See for yourself here:


St. Paul & The Broken Bones UK Dates

May 20 – Rough Trade East, London 7:00pm
May 21 – Oslo, Hackney, London 7:00pm
May 22 – Electric Ballroom, London 7:00pm
May 23 – Dot To Dot Festival, Manchester
May 24 – Dot To Dot Festival,Bristol
Aug 29 -31 – End Of Road Festival, North Dorset

 For more information about St. Paul and the Broken Bones, contact Sara Silver +44 (0)20 8265 0772