David Ramirez To Tour New Album ‘We’re Not Going Anywhere ‘ January 2018

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David Ramirez’s new album We’re Not Going Anywhere is out this week via Thirty Tigers. It follows Ramirez’s 2015 album â€˜Fables’, described by Q as â€˜caked with the grit and dust of an entire lifetime’
Produced by Sam Kassirer, the album finds Ramirez painting a vividly imagined picture of contemporary America through the songwriter’s own perspective of having dual American and Mexican heritage.

“Beautiful”  â€“ Independent

“Politics seldom sound this heartfelt and honest” **** â€“ Q

“If Springsteen made a record about living in Trump’s America, you’d hope it might sound something like ‘We’re Not Going Anywhere’”  – Uncut

“An acute observer of the fractured state of the nation, its lost souls and lost ideals” â€“ FRUK

“A touching tribute to one of the most tragic events of the 21st century” â€“ The Line Of Best Fit

“Its tender lyricism leaves a lingering impression long after those final notes have faded” – Clash

For the first time, Ramirez â€“ who has always co-produced or self-produced â€“ hired a producer in the form of Sam Kassirer (previously helmed Josh Ritter, Lake Street Dive, Bhi Bhiman) to help evolve and change the recording process. In January 2017 Ramirez and his band decamped to the Great North Sound Society, an eighteenth-century farmhouse in rural Maine that serves as Kassirer’s studio. â€œIt’s very secluded, which was part of the appeal. We were able to get out of our touring headspace and stay completely involved with the record and what we were doing. That allowed the band to concentrate on the music, to pursue ideas without distractions and misgivings, but it also removed them from the world during a momentous event.”

We’re Not Going Anywhere marks a departure for Ramirez who builds on the rootsy sound of his early albums to create something new, bold and anchored in the present in both music and lyrics taking influence from the sounds of his childhood, the likes of The Cars and Journey. â€œWe’re Not Going Anywhere” – these are four simple words informed and driven by Ramirez’s own background which identifies a record of promise and protest at a time of socio-political agitation, â€œso many cultures in this country are being viewed as un-American and it breaks my heart. My family has raised children here, created successful businesses here, and are proud to be a part of this country. Most of what I’ve seen as of late is misplaced fear. I wanted to write about that fear and how, instead of benefiting us, it sends us spiralling out of control.”

01. Twins
02. Watching From a Distance
03. People Call Who They Wanna Talk To
04. Time
05. Good Heart
06. Stone Age
07. Telephone Lovers
08. Villain
09. Eliza Jane
10. I’m Not Going Anywhere

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